Since its inception, the purpose in accordance with the embodiment of the speed that "VİPSPED" Since 1993, the market began to serve inTurkey.Mainly,France and Belgium in Shipping and Logistics field with your strong partner inTurkey "VİPSPED"  day by day stronger structure,in the frame work of service and quality of the renovation project is adding new ones.With existing large agency network abroad, European businesses mainly"VİPSPED" in 2006, expanding the range of services, especially Germany,the service area, Italy, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, the UK, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia,added Libya Middle East countries and Europe have been in the business line approach,by applying this line to continue the given quality service to customers and give.

Service area,as wel las road mode that contains lines that have worked, through its specialized staff, Marine, Rail,has added the airline mode.European countries, direct or indirect Istanbul-based projects to European countries outside the normal transpor tand handling, we provide fast and reliable service.

To supply our customers  with the confidence and support of our company constitutes apart of groupage shipments like 80% of our annual transport capacity.Each week,our regular three-day partial exit.In addition to the European destinations, regular groupage transport our destinations.

• Italy
• Spain
• Belgium
• Germany
• France
• England
• Netherlands
• Austria
• Morocco
• Algeria
• Tunisia
• Libya

And partia lair cargo charter to destinations above sea ou rservice is available in mutual.