All over the world who are willing to carry the load as VİPSPED. Since 1993, we provide the most appropriate solution for your posts, worked with the strongest line. Thus, present and we are getting fair prices for your Sea Freight Transportation load upon us ...
• MIDDLE EAST, including in particular the Arab port of export all over the world from Turkey, Turkey imports from all over the world,
• Fast processing
• Economical price and guaranteed quality of service we provide our customers with VİPSPED ...
• Exports & Imports partial shipments to any point in the world
• Weekly service guarantee
• With port or door to door delivery service we offer our customers VİPSPED guarantee ...
We explain the partial container as 8 weeks of regular destinations.

LCL Destinations;
Country Port Transfer T / Time Output Port
Israel Ashdod -Haif Direct Service 5 Day Ambarlı
Libya Tripoli -Misurat Direct Service 5 Day Ambarlı
U.a. Dubai Direct Service 16 Day Ambarlı
Egypt Alexandria Direct Service 5 Day Ambarlı
S.ARABIA Jeddah Direct Service 9-10 day Ambarlı
Lebanon Beirut Direct Service 7 Days Ambarlı
Tunisia Direct Service 7 Days Ambarlı